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General Practitioner (GP)

Once you have a CPR number, you will be allocated a GP or laege and this will usually be handled as part of getting your paperwork done with the International Citizens Service.

• Where your GP is will depend on which neighourhood you live in in the city.

• Once you’re registered, you’ll get sent a health insurance card (yellow card)

• You’ll need to apply for a European health card (which is blue) separately if you want one


  • If you need to visit a hospital or specialist for treatment, you’ll need a referral from your GP/out of hours medical services More information
  • Numbers for out of hours services
  • Copenhagen’s number is 1813


  • Call 112 for accidents, fire, serious crime
  • Call 114 (police) to report a crime


Full-time employees accrue 2.08 vacation days per month, adding up to 25 days per year. The vacation is accrued during the calendar year (January-December), and can be used during the vacation year from 1st of May the following year - April. For example, the vacation earned during January -December 2016 can be used during May 2017 - April 2018.

Read about Feriekonto, how to work out what you're owed and what to do if you switch jobs here.

Public holidays


Start familiarising yourself with housing sites and groups

The demand for housing is high in the city right now and it can take a while to find somewhere permanent. As a home address is required for most of your paperwork, we’d advise you to start browsing groups and rental sites as soon as possible. More on how below to in the Housing section! :)


Legal help

In a squeeze? Start here.


‍Getting a phone

If you need at temporary number right away you can buy a sim card for Lebara in any 7/11 kiosk. Here's where to log in and top up online.

When you have a CPR number and local bank account - you can register with a phone company. 

We suggest 3 ( to get a good deal on international calls and free roaming in several counties (3likehome plan), but be aware you'll need to produce three payslips so it might take a little while.


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