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How to get around! 

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The most convenient and popular way of getting around in Copenhagen is by bike.

Here are some suggestions for where to pick one up when you first get here: rent from 70kr/month (includes a super-useful built-in tablet for navigating the city)

• rent from 80kr/month rent & buy new and used 

• (e-bay equivalent) buy used

Then there's also Donkey Republic - download the app and find your nearest bike to rent by the hour!


Public transportation

If you need to travel by bus, metro and train there various different tickets you can buy:

  • Bus - you can buy tickets on board (cash only)
  • Train - you can buy 24 hour tickets and single-trip tickets in train stations (more info)
  • Metro - buy tickets in the station
  • 24/72 hour City Pass (including transport from the airport) from 80DKK and 100DKK for adults
  • Rejsekort - a prepaid re-usable ticket you can top up at Rejsekort ATMs or online. Aimed primarily at residents of Denmark (you need a CPR number/to fill in paperwork and provide ID) there is also an option for short term stays (more info).
  • Here’s some advice on how to use it from University Post DK
  • You can also use the Mobilbilletter app for zones 1-8, but Rejsekort is cheaper.

Tips just for you

Travel tips

DOT Mobilperiodekort app - for unlimited travel using public transport. All you need to decide is how many zones you need. To travel within most of Copenhagen city you need zone 1 & 2 (download)

Visit the travel center at Copenhagen Central Station for more information.

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