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Note! Laws and rules for who can stay in Denmark and the official requirements of working visas are not a part of this guide. You can read about that here.

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Start familiarising yourself with housing sites and groups

The demand for housing is high in the city right now and it can take a while to find somewhere permanent. As a home address is required for most of your paperwork, we’d advise you to start browsing groups and rental sites as soon as possible. More on how below to in the Housing section! :)


Get your documents together

Make sure you bring all your necessary documents with you: identity papers (passport, driver’s licence etc), marriage certificate (/if applicable divorce certificate), residence and work permit (non EU/EEA citizens).

You’ll probably need a passport photo too (which you can also get done in a booth at the main train station in CPH).


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Fancy an update each time we add new content to this topic?

Fancy an update each time we add new content to this topic?

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About us

Founders is a startup studio based in lovely Copenhagen, Denmark. We partner with amazing entrepreneurs to build companies from zero to traction (or, idea-stage to product-market-fit).

We made this playbook based on what we've learned welcoming new desk mates, ping pong break pals and co-founders from 20+ nationalities to the Founders Family. Most of this info is already available, but it's scattered between a bunch of different sites and it can be hard to know where to start. We've pulled it all together in one place and thrown in our own recommendations so you can focus on your new job, life, adventure!

What did we miss?

Like any good guide, our playbook is a living document that we will constantly be updating. Something you want to see in here? Help us keep the content fresh and relevant by dropping us an email! :)

We made a takeaway pdf with all the answers and tips from each topic.

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